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5 Reasons You Need a Personal Chef, Today!

The Gather Company



A personal chef lifts the burden of feeding yourself and your family so you can focus on other priorities and it’s not just for the rich and famous.  Here are our top 5 reasons why you need a personal chef today:

1.  You’re Busy

Between work, kids, errands, your packed social calendar, and getting some quality time in with your other half, who has time to shower every day? And FORGET cooking!  Cooking every day, sometimes three times a day is time consuming. Even if you enjoy cooking, there is a lot involved when it comes to preparing a week’s worth of meals for your family.  The driving; the shopping, the cleaning up!  Imagine the time you’ll save calling on your “dinner fairy” to handle all of that for you.  All you have to do is… EAT!

2.  You’ll Save Money

We know, we know. You’re thinking, “how could I possibly be saving money when I’m hiring help?” The truth is when you have meals that you know you’ll love, ready to eat when you are, you won’t eat out as often. You’ll also stop buying pricey, unhealthy convenience foods. When you do buy groceries with the best of intentions, but are too busy to cook them, they go bad. What a waste!  Your personal chef plans out your menu to a T and shops with your budget in mind.

3.  You’ll Eat More Healthfully

Ok, for real this time. Your chef will make you what you want to eat and if you want to lose a few pounds or eat healthier, they’ll make that happen. A personal chef knows how to make healthy substitutions, how to sneak more varieties of fruits and vegetables into a tired repertoire and if you’d like them to, to prepare your meals in portion-controlled servings.  

4.   You can have it your way

Burger King was really onto something.  One of the best parts of having a personal chef is that they know everything you like and more importantly everything you don't like to eat. So be picky! They especially come in handy when everyone in the family eats differently. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to grab a quick meal somewhere if you have food allergies or dietary restrictions. A personal chef cooks in your home, using your equipment so you can rest assured that your meals are done the way you need them to be. Whether you eat Kosher, have a peanut allergy, or can’t stand parsley.  Your chef’s priority is always to cook to your preferences.

5.  It’s more affordable than you think

Hiring a personal chef doesn’t mean you’ll have to mortgage the house to do so. You can hire a chef who will work with you and your budget. Let them know up front what you’re willing to spend on your grocery budget and their services. Work with your chef, for them to work best for you. Maybe you’ve hired a babysitter in the past, maybe a housekeeper once a week, or someone to maintain your yard biweekly. Hiring a personal chef is the same. You may have one come twice a week and make all of your meals, or stock the freezer once a month.

We’d love to hear from you.  Share your thoughts or questions about personal chef services below.