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Download the Client Service Agreement

A The Gather Company chef will collaborate with you, the client, on a custom-curated menu proposal based on the information provided in your client profile. Please request proposals and confirm the menu with your chef on an agreed upon date(s). Clients are charged for 1 hour of menu planning and correspondence. The client will be charged for additional time needed for correspondence at the chef's regular hourly rate. For quality control purposes, we ask that the client/chef correspondence be in writing via email.

Please provide two weeks of written advanced notice if you need to cancel a cook-date. We realize that not everything always goes to plan, therefore The Gather Company allows for two "free passes" quarterly for weekly clients, and one "free pass' every six weeks for bi-weekly clients. If you fail to give proper notice to your chef, a $300 cancellation fee will be automatically charged on the expected cancelled cook-date.

Your chef will shop for and transport the groceries for the agreed upon meals. Clients are charged for 1 hour at the chef's regular rate for shopping and travel fees. The Gather Company uses fresh high quality ingredients, and strives to source as much local, seasonal and organic product as possible. Because of our high standards to procure the highest quality product available, all of the agreed upon menu items are subject to change slightly due to ingredient availability, quality, or other unforeseeable factors from the initial menu. 

Your chef will promptly arrive to your home at the agreed-upon time on the agreed-upon dates. Your meals will be packaged, labeled and supplied with complete heating and serving instructions for your convenience. The Gather Company chefs take great pride in their work and promise to respect you, your home and your equipment. Your chef will leave his or her work space as clean as they found it, remove their personal equipment, and put away all left over groceries.

Please make sure your kitchen area is clean and ready for your chef on their scheduled cook-date(s) and that your meal containers are ready for use. If chefs arrive to an unsuitable work space, they will document the area with a photo(s), and a cleaning fee will automatically be charged to your credit card. Additionally, depending on the severity of the situation, you may also be billed over-time (1.5x the chef's hourly rate) for the time spent to create a suitable work space for the chef.

Chefs will need access to the cooking area for an estimated 3-5 hours. Please make your home accessible to your chef on on the scheduled cook-date. If for some reason, your chef cannot access your home (locks were changed, tricky pets, etc..) you will be charged a cancellation fee and will be expected to reimburse for the cost of your groceries. The client will be charged the chef's regular hourly rate for all in-person meetings aside from the initial orientation and/or walk through.  Clients, children, pets and other distractions should be out of the kitchen area on all scheduled cook-dates. We respectfully request that the client allow the chef to perform their professional services without interruption.

The Gather Company holds client credit card information at the time of sign-up to cover grocery deposits, cancellation fees, and/or additional charges described in this agreement. 

You may choose to use this as your regular form of payment.  If you choose to do this, expect this form of payment to be charged the day after services are rendered along with a credit card processing fee. You will be sent a formal invoice for services via email. A deposit of $300 per cook-date to reserve the date and cover the cost of groceries will be charged to the card on file within 72 hours of the scheduled cook-date. Upon receiving the invoice for services rendered by The Gather Company, the client will be reimbursed  the unused portion of the deposit, or billed for the balance.

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