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Introduced by a mutual friend in the culinary industry, Dara Lyubinsky and Ryan Diaz met for their first cook "date" in the commercial kitchen of a synagogue. The two moms of toddler girls at the time immediately hit it off, finding themselves agreeing on menus and food preparation as well as their visions for a business.

Today, they are the proud owners of The Gather Company. Originally founded by Dara in New York City in 2008 as Tastes Like More Culinary Services, The Gather Company provides weekly chef services, catering, instruction and full time chef placement consulting in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. 

In January 2018, the company launched Stocked by The Gather Company, a prepared meal service, offering affordable gourmet meals to busy families across the DMV.

“Our goal is to provide delicious wholesome food to families just like our own. We’re in the business of nourishing people, and we love it. When your passion is your work the results are remarkable.”